Conservation measures currently implemented in Formentera

Conservation measures currently implemented in Formentera

1. Regulation with ecological mooring buoys

In the northern part of the island are: the field of 51 ecological buoys from the Bay of Alga to the islet of Espalmador, and the field of 26 ecological buoys Caló de Aceite.

Among other actions, the installation of 77 ecological buoys has prevented the vessels that visit these coves from being able to tie without their anchoring systems causing the degradation or destruction of the Posidonia meadows. The buoys are for boats of small length (up to 25 meters) and can be booked through the website, or VHF channel 77 Mooring buoys implementation in Formentera has been really welcomed by sailors and yatchmens.

2. Anchorage assistance and surveillance service

In 2013, the Government of the Balearic Islands launched a surveillance service and assistance to the anchorage in the area of the beach of Ses Illetes, in the Natural Park of Ses Salines. The vigilantes have the function of informing and making the navigators aware of the importance of anchoring on the sand and not on Posidonia. They help the captains during the maneuver as there are a large number of boats anchored in Illetas during the high season.

The watchmen also control that there are no spills or other activities that damage the quality of our waters. Both the small sailboats and the world's largest yachts want to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Formentera.

3.Increase of the surveillance boats fleet for 2017

Due to the increase of recreational boats that anchor in the waters of Formentera, from the Balearic Government, for the season of 2017, the increase of the fleet of surveillance boats in the area of the natural park of Ibiza and Formentera is planned.
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