1 agost, 2017

Formentera Blue Experience

Island tour in four sports modalities, in stages
1 agost, 2017

Formentera Breathing

Yoga for the whole family in modalities: Integral Yoga, Asthanga, Hatha & Nidra
1 agost, 2017

SUP Yoga

Every morning, SUP Yoga classes at the incomparable waters of Formentera
1 agost, 2017

Formentera Art Experience

Exhibition of 20 works of art for Posidonia
1 agost, 2017

Posidonia in White

Exhibition of works by various designers inspired by Posidonia
1 agost, 2017

Posidonia Boulevard

Area where trademarks, artisans, associations and entities of various fields and sectors, linked to the protection of Posidonia show their products or services.
1 agost, 2017

Making Changes V.O.

Projections of documentaries related to the sea & Projects of awareness and conservation of posidonia
1 agost, 2017

Beach Clean Up

Day of cleaning of beach with the collaboration of European Environmentters.
1 agost, 2017

Posidonia Surf Tribute

Encounter of surf sports enthusiasts with a homage to Posidonia ceremony.
1 agost, 2017

Walking Formentera

Walk through Formentera to discover incredible landscapes and nature in its purest state.
1 juliol, 2017

Dissemination and Awareness Workshops

Awareness-raising and awareness-raising workshop for all audiences. Itinerant exhibition on the posidonia of the GEN.
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