The projects will be evaluated by a technical committee of high national and international recognition. The aim is to involve all the individuals, companies or national and international organizations to sensitize and to take actions in the conservation of a basic species in the ecosystem of the Balearic Islands.
Competition rules 2019
Final approval of the Bases that will govern the call for the granting of financing of the winning project(s) of the contest of projects framed within the Save Posidonia Project, of the Insular Council of Formentera for the year 2019
Approval of the specific call for the Save Posidonia Project project contest, for the Insular Council of Formentera for the year 2019
Provisional list of admitted and excluded projects submitted to the Save Posidonia Project contest for 2019
In the official documentation you can consult the 2017 bases:

Studies realized in the oceanic Posidonia in Fomentera

Recently the Association Vellmarí together with Oceansnell's technical support has initiated a project that consists of Mapeando Posidonia's meadows of the island of Formentera, this time with a technology of last generation who will allow to know in detail the extension of the meadow and his thickness. With 2016/2017 will be able to compare the degree of loss of the meadow from 2012.
The protection project of the Meadows Posidonia in the spaces LIC (Place of Community Interest of the Nature 2000) of the Balearic Islands (LIFE POSIDONIA), promoted by the Government of the Balearic Islands, with financing of the European Union (EU) initiated in 2001 and finished in 2006. The general aim of the project LIFE-POSIDONIA was to guarantee the viability and biological wealth of Posidonia's meadows in the waters of the Balearic Islands. For it, between other actions, there was carried out the installation of buoys of low ecological impact, to prevent the boats, with his systems of anchorage, from causing the degradation or destruction of Posidonia's meadows.

Another important action of the project LIFE-POSIDONIA was to prepare a detailed cartography of Posidonia's meadows of all the areas. This tool on line allows him to know where the meadows are to help the navigators. It is a tool that needs an update since the technology has been antiquated.

Oceansnell's study revealed that Posidonia's meadows had suffered a regression between the year 2008 and 2012 of:

This information is the only information till now that allow to know the aggression of our meadows. It is clear that the innovation and the studies are necessary to implement protection measures before it is too much late. The sustainability of Formentera and his future depends on it.
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