Save Posidonia Project actions
1. Sponsor square meters of Posidonia

The island of Formentera, including the islets of Espalmador and Espardell, is surrounded by 76,500,000 square meters of Posidonia meadow. The objective is to preserve each square meter at a price of 1 euro per square meter. Each sponsor will be able to choose to be presente with his or her name or alias on the Posidonia Wall
2. Become an official collaborator of the Save Posidonia Project

Can also contribute by offering products, time and experience to promote sustainable practices within the activities to improve the sustainability of the Formentera destination. Individuals, associations, companies and organizations that want to participate in the project can make a proposal through .

On the one hand, the official collaborators of the project and in consideration for their contribution to the Save Posidonia Project will have a promotional space on the project website, as well as the visibility of their brands during the scheduled events.


Official collaborators can use the registered logo of Save Posidonia Project in their own company, organization or association, thus linking their brand to an environmental initiative.

See the calendar of events held in Formentera and get in touch with your proposal of collaboration in
3. Promote the principles of sustainability adopted for the conservation of posidonia

On the web there is a section about "sustainable tourism practices”

Where the good practices of official partners are publicized on the principles of sustainability adopted to contribute directly or indirectly to the conservation of posidonia and the marine environment.

The strategic lines are:

• Saving water consumption

• Improving energy efficiency

• Waste management

• Reduction of atmospheric emissions

• Conservation of habitats

4. Enjoy the merchandising Save Posidonia Project

Environmentally friendly merchandising objects will be designed with the hashtag #saveposidoniaproject and different customizations. The products will be made with ecological or recycled materials.

5. Especial HORECA Formentera

All the HORECA establishments that are hotels, restaurants and cafes including the tourist apartments, discos and shops of Formentera will be able to dedicate a part of its benefits to the Save Posidonia Project. Different models of participation are recommended:

• Offer merchandising in their establishments.

• Donate a € 1 of each bill in the restaurants.

• Donate 1% of the purchase made in the establishments "Buy Home".

• Provide space for the QR code in your letters that leads to the webpage

Each establishment must inform what modality it will apply and the mode and dates of liquidation.  

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