One action, global effect!

One action , global effect

As a part of Posidonia Project, Formentera celebrate the Festival Save Posidonia On October 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2017.
On the frame of this festival there will take place cultural, sports and environmental activities, destinated to profehssionals and general public . All of us supporting the project will meet for four days in the last paradise of the Mediterranean. An international festival, where Formentera island places herself in the forefront of sustainability leadership. An event that means to be not only an act, but also a Permanente project.
Festival Save Posidonia is proposed as a meeting place for new projects which propose ,protect and promote sustainability and respect for the environment. Sports competitions, musical actions, yoga, photography, cinema, workshops … and it is much more … it is about a way of understanding life.

Festival program will be published soon.
We look forward for your support on this claim for Posidonia protection and everything what it represents!
Scientific and environmental projects, always linked to Posidonia's conservation, will be funded with the funds raised during the Save Posidonia Project.
The projects will be evaluated by a technical committee of high national and international recognition.
The aim is to involve all the individuals, companies or national and international organizations to sensibilize and to motívate to take actions on the consevation of a this basic species in Balearc Islands Ecosystem

For more information please go to section "Projects"


5 juny, 2017

Formentera Blue Experience

During the four days of the festival, various sporting activities will take place, inviting lovers and fans of different water sports  to enjoy their passion, experiencing the coast […]
5 juny, 2017

Formentera Blue Round Table

On October 13th and 14th a Blue Round table will take place in Formentera. Projects  presentations and environmental and science speeches related to suitable sustainability models […]
5 juny, 2017

Posidonia Boulevard

An open space where brands, associations and entities from different fields and sectors, linked to the protection and preservation of posidonia, meet for 4 days, offering their […]
5 juny, 2017

SUP Yoga

Enjoy yoga floating on the amazing waters of Formentera! Enjoy every morning learning, relaxing  and living Formentera.
5 juny, 2017

Formentera Art Experience

Art exhibition integrating artworks, “live” art and music to make us reconnect with our human conscience. Artists join together on an art platform to raise awareness and […]
5 juny, 2017
Homenaje a la Posidonia

Surf Tribute

Concentration of all the sportsmen to form a great circle in honoring to the Posidonia that has been getting lost in the last years.
5 juny, 2017

Music Plaza

Music Plaza (Coming soon)
5 juny, 2017

Making Changes V.O.

Cinema Plaza (Coming soon)
5 juny, 2017
Beach Clean Ups

Beach Clean Up

Day of cleanliness in the beaches organized in collaboration with the educational centers of the island, in order that children and major they take part actively in the conservation of the environment.
5 febrer, 2017

Workshop for Raising Awareness

Workshop spreading and raising awareness (Coming soon)

General Regulations of events

[image src="https://www.saveposidoniaproject.org/formentera/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/title_festival

From October 12th to 15 th will take place the "Save Posidonia Festival", During those days there will be a wide variety of Sportive activities enjoying nature, extraordinary cultural events and environmental workshops destinated to all ages participantes and the benefits from the Festival will support Save Posidonia Project.

Save Posidonia Festival will culminate on 15th october, with the presentation of the results of this campaign Save Posidonia Project.

All events should apply sustainability measures based on basic principles. Prior to the event, the promoter must submit a Sustainability verification plan in order to confirm it reduces the impact on the environment and respect peple well-being

The basic principles are:

• The sports tests that carry out a tour through protected space will inform their participants of the sensitive characteristics of the environment.

• Participants and animators of sports events will avoid damaging the natural and heritage environment such as dunes, sea or dry stone walls.

• The music concerts will minimize the use of high light pollution lights

• Competitions tropheys will be made of recycled or reused materiales

• If glasses are used on cultural events ,they will be reusable and supportive.

• Sporting events will minimize the amount of packaging generated by making bulk products available.

• The merchandising during the event will be made with ecological materials.

• All events will be at the disposal of the organizers and a public waste collectors.

• All events will be coordinated and approved by the organization Save Posidonia Festival based on the law. Special authorizations from Natura 2000 network and Demarcation Coastal Islands are needed.

Other measures to promote conservation of the environment will be assessed.

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